Deep cleansing breaths...

Ok, well, so - last week, due to inclement weather, I didn't weigh in.  They closed both Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday, I decided to let it go til today.

And, it's probably better that way.  I ended up only losing 1.4 pounds over two weeks. Two very challenging weeks.  Still, that's better than gaining 1.4 pounds.

So.  Tomorrow, we start again.  Ok, I admit it - I had pizza for dinner (spinach, no sausage or whatever) and it was excellent.

But if you had my day, it might have sent you running toward carbs and fat, too.

My boss had a major announcement today - he's gotten promoted. 

As part of that, I am moving into a new department.



So, my company has acquired 3 new companies in the last 5 years.  One in Ohio, one in Colorado and one in Skowhegan, ME.

Each company has their own support team, and Bossman has been charged with getting everything aligned across five locations.

And because he has that on his plate, my colleague J and I are going to now report up to Bossman's counterpart who will be covering all training and implementation across all four locations.  He is in Colorado.  Love me some offsite leadership.

To my credit, this news could have sent me to the vending machine.  As it was, I ate thai for lunch - strategic planning session with J - but left half my rice and all my red curry sauce, which, as you know - is coconutty/curried heaven.

And I hit up our HR lady for a piece of chocolate - a Dove Promise, whose message to me was "Daydream".  I'm thinking Jamaica makes as good a daydream as any.  Ahhh,  sunshine, saltwater...D&G Pineapple and a patty.  Yeah.  Good as new.

I still have a large bump on my noggin.  It hurts, and that's superawesome.  I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to see if he will lance the damn thing.  I may also ask for Xanax.

Or whatever.

I just feel overwhelmed.  I did not need any fruitbasket turnover.

I'm trying to spin it - and the best I can do is that I'm rebranding and diversifying my skill set.

But honestly, I want doughnuts, hot wings and mac n cheese.  And I saw a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie stuffed with an Oreo today, and I want a dozen of those too.

Tomorrow, back to lowfat breakfast, lowfat lunch and spinach for dinner.

And maybe some green tea.


I sympathize. Not only does my boss work in another state, but I've spoken with him maybe three times in the last four months. Most days I have no supervision and very little idea what I'm supposed to be doing. This has its advantages, but can get frustrating. Hang in there!