The Requisite Post of Resolutions, 2011 Remix

So, of course, it's 2011. In fact, it's 1/1/11, which is kind of nice.

It's time to resolve a few things... so I might as well do it publicly. Or, quasi-publicly, since chances are you aren't even reading this.

1. I am joining Weight Watchers and sticking with it. Goal #1 is to get through 10 weeks without crying. Goal #2 is a weight that starts with a 1. From there, we'll see. The reward for this will be health. I'll give myself some non-food attagirls along the way. Manicures. Massages. Jewelry.

2. I am going to get more exercise. Because I need it.

3. I am going to be more selfish this year. Instead of being an armchair, think wooden folding chair with slats that aren't comfortable.

4. More reading.

5. Less eating out at lunch (see #1).

6. Writing. More of it!

I'll check back with you.