Mean Girls, Bad Dreams, Dry Skin


So, I post from time to time on Greek Chat - a sorority and fraternity forum. The women on there, the ones that have been there a long time - are SO MEAN. They pick on newbies, they're superior, and bitchy - and everything bad you have ever believed about Sorority women.

And yet, there's enough that I enjoy about it that I can't tear myself away.

I'm finding that to be a vague theme of the Weight Watchers boards, but Fat Girls are not by nature as mean as Sorority Girls. And again, there's enough info that I need from the site that I don't want to give it up.

Now,, where we dissect the funny pages? Nicest people on the planet. I'd love to meet most of them in real life.


I have started having the typical WW dreams - the ones where I am in a grocery store buying cake, but can't see how much it costs or what damage it will do. And getting caught, or waking up and feeling panicked. Can weigh-in dreams be far behind? No.


My skin is so dry. I don't think there's enough lotion on the planet for me - but I'd have to put it on to know. And when it's cold like this, who wants to put cold lotion on. I need a lotion warmer.

I also need a big pile of money. Seen one lying around? Send it my way.