Journey, lifetime, single step, blah, blah....

So I started Weight Watchers last night. So far, I haven't gnawed my left hand off, but the day isn't over yet.

I don't care for my Meeting Leader. Her name is...well, to protect the innocent, we'll call her Irma.

Irma is roughly mid-70s, frumpy, and has teats that hang down to her waist.

On top of that, she's a little distracted, she doesn't seem to get the new program (which is admittedly weird as shit), and she didn't have much control over the meeting. She also seems to have issues using our calculator, which took me three minutes to master.


The ladies (and one sad husband) in the meeting seem nice enough. But they're cliquey - and I'm not in the clique. Quoi de neuf?

Meanwhile, work is causing some stress. I am training a guy today who feels very Aspergery. I'd be surprised if not - maybe a cokehead, but probably high-functioning Autism.

He needed to take a lunch break. And while he breaks, I blog.

Peace out.