How it goes...

So, time to weigh in again tonight. Don’t worry – I’ll be giving a play-by-play on Irma’s wardrobe – it’s guaranteed to be the best part of the meeting. If I can figure out a way to get a photo, I will. That may be too mean, even for me.

Clearly, folks, I’m still learning to deal effectively with hunger. How can I tell? Well, friends, last night I was walking out to my car and I saw a perfectly good unmolested banana in the empty parking space next to mine. And I actually thought about picking it up and eating it.

Stray fruit, people. What depravity awaits me next?

Well the depravity of mocking my WW leader, of course!

I do think I’ll have another small loss tonight – maybe a pound and a half? I did a sneak peek on the home scale this morning – but as we know – what you weigh in the AM may not represent accurately what you’ll weigh at 5:30 PM. Oh, the horror. The…horror.

The fiber is starting to go down a bit easier, and rogue bananas aside, I don’t feel too deprived, though I could still go for some fried chicken. Or hot wings. Or, you know…both.

My jones for sugar is more or less under control. Matt and I got a Krispy Kreme flyer in the mail the other day and I saw a doughnut filled with dark chocolate kreme that piqued my interest. I held it in check, because the kreme in the picture looks a little like poo coming out of the end of the doughnut.

I’m about to go into a challenging week, though. I’m leaving for Peoria, IL on Monday. I’ll get back too late to weigh on Wednesday of next week – so no Irma-Alerts that week… but also, the lure of Chicago-O’Hare…will there be pizza or hot dogs lurking? Time will tell.

I could do some recon and see if there are options, but right now, I’m pre-meeting, insanely hungry and in self-denial mode because I want a negative number in my book. And I’d like one that starts with a 2, but we’ll see.

No weird weigh-in dreams, but I did have one dream where my clothes were looser.

And in reality, they are… a little.

Inch by inch, right people?


PS – Good news – one of my colleagues told me that there was no way I could be a competitor on Biggest Loser – I wasn’t big enough. It was a compliment. Trust me.

I’ll check in with Irma Watch 2011 soon.