And that's when the bacon arrived...

So, my first week on Weight Watchers has been more or less a walk in the park. I had a few episodes of "damn, I want candy", which I was able to table with a regular nutritional meal. I logged my points, I measured, and I barely touched my "flex" points. I mean, I used less than 10 of the 49.

And then, today, I hit a wall.

To be fair, it has been a trying week. What's that you say? It's only Tuesday? True.

Well, late Sunday/early Monday, the snow hit. I was able to get into work yesterday, but most of my team worked from home. I felt angry, isolated and used.

Today, everyone managed to drag their asses in. Which is good - we're loaded down with customer stuff that needs a lot of TLC. Grr. I won't elaborate, except to say that each day brings new challenges.

Add to that, all of our sales team are in town for their kick-off meeting. Good times. So tonight, they had our quarterly meeting. It was much ado about nothing, and it wore me out. So what better way to end the meeting than with a little party afterwards? And of course, it wouldn't be a party without food.

I could smell it from my desk, and suddenly, the idea of stuffing down my anger and frustration with fat and carbs seemed like a viable option. But since my first weigh-in is tomorrow, that seemed like a supreme act of futility.

I did go and look at it from a distance. They had chicken fingers, ham biscuits, sausage balls, bacon-wrapped lard-infused Oreos dipped in fudge and topped with shaved gold. I may have made that last one up - they did have something wrapped in bacon - everyone said it was delicious.

I walked away without a plate.

I went home, I made dinner - which, I have to be honest - was weird. I scrambled eggs with spinach, onions and tomatoes (and cheese, DUH). I used too much spinach. Green eggs. Served it with ham. Wish I were kidding.

I finally hit my total tonight thanks to popcorn and cottage cheese.

I've eaten so much fiber, I feel like I have a belly full of sharpened Legos. I'm bloated. I will spare you details.

But I feel...better? I think.

Last time I did WW, I didn't tell people. Now I've told everyone.

Tomorrow is Weigh In. My fantasy brain thinks I've lost five to eight pounds. Reality tells me it's probably no more than three.

But it took me five years to get this weight on - it may take some time to get it off.

And that means I'm going to have to give fried chicken the finger a few dozen more times.

I will say, I've decided on some rewards. I think I'll download a 99 cent MP3 from Amazon for each pound - to aid me in my walking regimen - which, please - give me a damn week or two to get used to the Lego belly... anyway - I have a loooong list of showtunes that will get me through my first 10% goal.

I'll keep you posted tomorrow - main thing is, I don't want to cry at my meeting - I did that the first time I joined. Brutal.

Wish me luck. I need showtunes.



Erika said…
Wow, way to stay strong, AE!