Where have all the flowers gone?

I simply can't believe it's December. It seems like just yesterday it was Summer.

I haven't done much shopping - there isn't much to do. We're doing stockings for the family $10 limit per person - then of course, a few little thingies for Henry.

I got back laaaaate Thursday from a training trip to Portland, OR. I am officially in loooove. Great city - excellent mass transit. The first night, I hopped a light rail to Voodoo Donuts, where I got (natch) some donuts. And a few doughnuts as well. The maple bacon did not disappoint.

After training the next day, I ended up at dinner with several colleagues, and I think they started to realize that I'm quite the asset to the company. And funny as hell to boot.

Our customer was kind of a headache, but one of our friends there got us some sweet swag. Hats and then a scale model of their product a wind turbine.

My flights home were good. I wasn't too crammed in, and on both legs, I sat next to nice people. Leg one was a professional soccer player - he looked like he was 17, but was very nice.

Leg two was a woman in her fifties. She lived in California, had recently moved there from Nashville, was working on an organic farm, and was going back to get her daughter, aged 21 who was "in crisis". Which I later found out meant pregnant. She was very new-agey, but also Christian. She was nice. I wished her luck on her journey.

The only bad thing about this trip is that I sunk money into the hotel, parking and bag check so that it's tied up for a week til I get reimbursed. Freaking money. Root of ALL evil.

I'm going to start walking, and that, more than anything, should make me feel better.

At present, my sinuses are ganked, I can't get my sleep schedule regulated, and my skin is pure scalybark.

What is a girl to do?

Also, the house is a wreck. But we have lights on the porch, a few loads of laundry in progress, and so tomorrow, I'll work it.

And by tomorrow, I really mean today, since it's actually early Sunday. Or if I were in Portland, late Saturday.

It's the most wonderful,