Vanity Blues

So yesterday, I was ambling through the parking lot of a Walgreen's, and I noticed an SUV with decals on the back window, proclaiming that three girls (likely the daughters of the driver) were "stars" of the Nashville Dance Academy. Their names? Kamryn, Kaylee and Kyndall. Are you fuckyng kydding me? Gag me with a spoon.

I mean, first of all - I doubt they're all really stars, and second - what's with the bizarro KKK names? Sad. Katie? Kelly? Kendra, even?

I don't know - it's right up there with the Baby on Board signs of the 80s, the My Child is an Honor Student bumper stickers of the 90s... and now, we have every Tom, Dick and Caitlin plastered with their activity of choice on Mom and Dad's car.


In other news, Matt and I are going to a Roaring 20s Party for NYE. It sounds like tons of fun. Tomorrow I'll throw together proper attire...

Christmas and Dad's birthday were wonderful but it's good to be home in my own bed...