Transcript - Pepper Jelly Press Conference

Transcript from Press Conference:
Allison Breyer Everett - JellyGate
September 19, 2010
Nashville, TN

First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to attend today. I'll be addressing some of the rumors and allegations surrounding my Second Place win at this year's Fair.

Now, there has been some very public discussion as to my feelings on Mr. and Mrs. Chambers of Cumberland Furnace, TN. I would like to state for the record that on several occasions, I made disparaging remarks as to the validity of their entries into the Tennessee State Fair. After having met them at the Agriculture Building on drop-off day, I can now say unequivocally that even if they are double dipping with their entries, they are two of the hardest working canners in all of Tennessee, and I harbor no grudge against them. Henceforth, I will be making no further unkind or scurrilous commentary on these lovely people.

I would like to address the rumors that I purchased supplemental peppers at the Nashville Farmers Market due to shortcomings in my small garden. I can tell you without apology that these rumors are true. It was a rough year for growing, and while I did utilize jalapenos from my backyard, I had to purchase materials from local growers to complete my undertaking. I am proud to support my fellow Tennesseans, and respect their agri-craft greatly.

Speaking to the controversy surrounding my inability to produce a claim check when picking up my jelly this afternoon, I want to thank the Ag Extension Team for their reluctant flexibility in this matter. I honestly do not know the whereabouts of the claim check, as the day I received it, I was rushing to a veterinary appointment for my dog, Lola and likely mislaid it. Thankfully, I was able to produce a state-issued drivers license which successfully confirmed my identity. Please rest assured that I will be working to enact claim check reform so that others in my situation will not suffer the same indignities.

Finally, there are just so many people to thank. The Ball Jar Company, the Certo Pectin Company. My fellow pepper enthusiasts at the Nashville Farmers Market for assisting me in both plant and vegetable form. I am grateful to my family - from my ancestor Julius Breyer, of the late Delited Jams and Jellies who clearly gave me the good DNA, to my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew for their unyielding support and advice. I would like to thank my friends for their kindness in my darkest hours. Many thanks go to Lola - canine, therapist, sous chef, friend. I would be utterly lost without my husband, Matt, who not only celebrates my successes, but loves me despite my failures. He has stood by me through this canning season, and I know I can count on him for many Fairs to come.

I thank you again for your time today. There will be no Q&A session to follow.