I like potato chips, moonlight and motor trips...

I am so ready for cooler weather. Can I get an amen?

Tonight, my plan – such as it is, involves creating some order out of the chaos that is my front yard. The ivy and rose bush have taken over, there are weeds aplenty and some random large sticks lurking hither and yon.

Let us not even speak of the porch and its debris.

Last night, I hit up Zumba, where I am trying to be friendly with some of the frequent flyers. The girl who tends to dishabille into a semi-nude state every week was there, but I heard her talking with someone after class, and she has an accent – I’d say Slavic or Germanic. I’m not saying that excuses the behavior, but it explains it. There are two nice people that I see and say hello to every week, and another one who patted my arm and said hello last night. So, there’s that.

After I got home I watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother – excellent. I love me some sitcoms. Glee starts tonight, and a new one by Mitch Hurwitz. Both are set to record.

I should tell you – I love television. I just do. There’s something about it that offers gratification without being harmful to my health. And yeah, I know, I should be out walking Lola or exterminating my newest litter of dustbunnies, but there’s something about watching the fake lives of others that I find relaxing.

As I was saying earlier today, I need a hobby.

Something creative. My mother has been on my back to write more, and I love doing that, but I feel like I’m blocked. It took me several days and talking with Matt to get enough juice to come up with the press conference transcript I posted last. And that wasn’t very funny – though my co-workers all seemed to like it.

We are currently experiencing a fruit fly infestation at the house. It is making me crazy and angry because whether it’s fair or not, I see it as a referendum as to my ability to keep a clean house. I found a few online methods of killing the little bastards, but what I really want to do is hose down the house in DDT, then scrub every surface with scalding water and a soap/bleach mix.

Meanwhile, I’m dealing with a different kind of pest at the office – in the way of manipulative colleagues. The less said, the better. It’s not all beer and roses, you know.

Anyway – that’s the latest and greatest from Nastyville, Tennis Shoe.

And you?