Ain’t a that good news?

So, long time…again.

Lots to catch you up on.  For starters, we’ve been dealing with having an aging dog.  Last Thursday, after several days of Lola acting puny, matters came to a head.  She didn’t eat, didn’t get up when we came home, and was clearly in pain.

One trip to the Emergency Vet and $200 later, we had an answer – neck/back pain.  We also had an answer to a question we never asked.   Dr. Hamm, who used to work at Berry Hill was checking on Lola and said, “Now has Lola always had this heart murmur?”  I'll take questions you never wanted your vet to ask you for $400, Alex.

Although her back/neck problem seems to have healed, or close to it, we’re still going to the vet today to see if we can determine the underlying cause.  And, we need to talk about her heart.

Matt and I have already decided that surgery is off the table.  She’s eleven, she’s frail enough as it is – plus, that’s a lot of expense that we simply cannot afford.

My goal at this point is to give Lola as much comfort and care as I can for whatever life she has left – and if that’s months or years, I don’t know.  I also have pledged that if I have to make difficult decisions about the end of her life, I will make them based on what is best for her.  I haven’t given up on Lola, but I also know that I don’t have endless resources to prolong her life.  And that prolonging may not even be what’s best at that time.

I haven’t given up on Lola.  She’s my girl.  I just want to take the best care of her I can.

In other, happier news…  JELLY.

It goes in for judging today.  I’m stoked.  And nervous.  It’s milder this year, thanks to my stunted habanero crop.   It’s pretty, though.  That has to count for something.  We’ll see.

We spent Labor Day with my Parents and the Pugs.  Delightful.  I got to see Connie, Jason and their new baby, Jack.  He’s awesome. 

This weekend, we’ll go check up on my jelly at the fair, pet some goats and generally enjoy the good life.  Next week,  I have an on-site training.

Laura sent me an early birthday present.  A new purse.  Faux alligator – orange with cheetah print lining.  It’s gorgeous and fun.

That’s the latest from here.

Updates on Lola and Jelly…soon.