What took you so long?

So, we got back from Alaska a week and a day ago, and I’m finally shaking off the jet lag, though I wouldn’t say no to a few nice afternoon siestas.

The trip was phenomenal. I won’t recount it all, but the highlights were definitely the wildlife, spending time with Matt’s wonderful cousins, and most of all, spending time with Matt.

Photos are coming soon.

Over the weekend, Matt and I took our neighbor, who will be six in a few weeks, to the park. We had a good time, and he’s a sweet kid. We had lunch at McDonald’s, a popsicle, then brought him back to the house. We also partied with our friends Tracey and Robert, whose home was damaged in the flood – they have it back in place now and threw a housewarming to celebrate.

Sunday, I cleaned while Matt went for a ride, we took our photos to Costco, and watched an old horror flick, Alligator (1980).

This weekend promises to have plenty of fun – we’re going to meet our friend Suzie for breakfast, then head down to Chattanooga to meet Matt’s family for Used Car Night at the Lookouts Game. There will be 21 of us. Nice!

Yesterday at 7PM (on 8/9/10), my friend Connie had her baby. Unnamed as of yet, but I’ll follow up when I know. I’m excited for her and Jason. That is one lucky kid with two terrific parents.

Lola survived our vacation – they cleaned her teeth and removed two lumps – one on her back, and then the illustrious Chin Wart. This weekend she goes to the kennel south of town, but she’ll canoe with us the following weekend.

The kids here in Nashville are already back in school. It’s unfathomable.

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years…

And a happy day to you and yours.