Racing with the Clock

Long time, no blog.

It’s been a busy time. Whirlwind trips to Atlanta and Knoxville; Henry’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, Brittany’s Graduation… we’re partying fools!

New bras, visiting with the extended family, making cookies, shaving Matt’s head bald, packing, unpacking, repacking…

Matt has done some volunteering, I’ve picked up materials for a donation drive at our office – and Saturday, I’ll try to give a little blood.

And, of course, the five-day grind to boot.

Big party this weekend celebrating the 11th Anniversary of my company – which ironically falls on my actual 3rd Anniversary with the company.

This morning after my training session, I need to go grab Lola from the vet, where she had a sleepover. I always hate that.

This weekend belongs to me. Whew. Much needed! I am actually going to focus on prepping for a brief Mom visit, plus the trip to Kansas.

And yes, there will be naps.

Here’s a few photos…