You know, I try to keep perspective. I try to see the best in everything, but I feel like I'm living in a technicolor nightmare.

The flood, as you know, was merely inconvenient to me.

But I learned last night of friends whose brand new home was flooded, and the more I watch the news, the more I learn of water restrictions, free tetanus shots, friends who can't get to work, ruin, debris, closed businesses, power outages, people losing everything.

And sadly, Nashville is the bastard stepchild of news these days. We're not Louisiana covered in oil, and we're not a bomb that didn't detonate in Times Square.

I am angry. I am sick. I am tired.

Where the hell is CNN? Where is FoxNews?

There are a dozen people saying it better than me.

But I needed to say it. I bought some food for Second Harvest, we've offered tools, food, showers and babysitting to friends, but I want to get up, get out and do SOMETHING.

And all I can do is watch the news and cry.