World's Greatest Wife?

So, I got to work this morning, and there was an e mail waiting from our CEO - free hockey tickets. Forty of them, good, good seats. First come, first served.

Well, I had training starting at 7PM tonight for some customers in faraway places. Korea, Australia...

But why not get one for Matt - I called him with details, and he was in. I got one of the 40, and Matt was set. Not only that, I made sure he was sitting with folks he knows and loves.

So, I'm jealous, but what's a girl to do? Work is work. Matt got to go to the game, and me? I finished training and I'm watching on the big screen.

I am glad I was able to do something nice for Matt, and as the score is Preds 3, Blackhawks 4 going into the 3rd period. So it's a great fucking game, and when I called in intermission, he was having fun.

Doing good feels good.

Hmmm. That sounds like a Hallmark card.

Whatever. I've been so lucky, why not pass it on?