Same day, different shit...

Today, I had the extreme pleasure of only training one session. I took the rest of the day to clean out my inbox, strategize, and re-energize.

I also took time to laugh. It helps if you can laugh. I went out to lunch with a colleague and we talked about how we never have time to be creative like we want to be. Damn jobs!

Additionally, I spent time trading dozens with my colleagues.

Dozens, for those of you who didn't take Jeff Justice's stand-up comedy class are the official designation for "Yo Mama" jokes. My favorite from today? Yo mama so hairy, when you were born you got rug burn."

It helps if you can laugh.

It doesn't hurt that it's almost Friday and payday to boot. Ahhh! I'm treating myself to some nice moisturizers and soaps this weekend. Matt commented that I need a hobby, and I say, long baths are one of the best hobbies around.

I went to my Nia class tonight - it was me, the instructor, and two ringers - her fiance and her roommate. I should have worn a different shirt - coverage issues, but it was fun, I got a good sweat going, and I was productive.

So, I feel better.

Thanks for asking.