Pack it up, pack it in...

I feel like my tired red wheeled suitcase has been my constant sidekick this week, and that's because it has.

Monday, I flew into Jacksonville for training. There I got my car for the next three days - a silver Ford Focus with... SATELLITE Radio!!!!! Guess what - Broadway's Best is still channel 77, which remained tuned in until I gave the car back.

Monday night, I explored Brunswick and St. Simons, had dinner at Jinwright's Seafood (thanks to a tip from the guy at the desk at the Hampton), and went to bed. Where I woke up every hour on the :20 for the entire night. Nervous? First time? No, I've been nervous lots of times.

No need, though - training Tuesday was cake. As in, a piece of. Nice people, slow connection speeds and lots of jokes. We had fun. I even made the dour bosslady laugh.

That night, quick trip to Hinesville to see Kris, a fellow Glee Clubber from the UGA days. We talked for FOUR HOURS. I am so, so glad she was able to come out and see me, and of course, afterward, I realized I didn't let her get a word in edgewise. Next time... It's odd - I talk all day, then go out and talk all night. So, I think I have chronic logorrhea. Still, Kris hasn't changed. Still smart and wicked and hilarious. I wish I'd been better about keeping in touch til now.

Wednesday I trained til noon, we ate sandwiches at Larry's Giant Subs, and I headed to Jacksonville to turn in my ride and get on the plane. Back in my own bed last night and great sleep to prove it.

Getting back to work today was tiring. I had a phone training with some people who barely had a pulse. I mean, I really wanted to blow an airhorn into my headset just to get some kind of reaction.

Lots of fun at the office - we're having a department BBQ next week. A potluck, wherein I have been "assigned dessert". Gee, thanks. There goes my plan to make a boatload of deviled eggs. O glorious devils, how I adore thee! They're so good with a pinch of curry (try it) mixed in. Let's get real for a second, though... what fun is a potluck where there are no surprises? My point exactly. Other weird shit at the office. One colleague just got promoted, and his behavior prompted a gal in sales to threaten bringing him peacock feathers. Note, promoted one - that's NOT a compliment.

Tonight, I'm repacking my red suitcase for a jaunt to the mountains. Looking forward to seeing the tribal elders and their pugs. Matt is coming, so we'll have - FINALLY - a little time in captivity together. And Lola makes three.

Peace and chicken grease.