Open a New Window...

So, the robin has bailed. No eggs or babies deserted, but I'm sad. That said, it appears we have chickadees in our birdhouse on the front porch, so not all is lost.

And for you shrinks-in-training, my obsession with nests is more about hospitality - a clean, well-lighted place than it is about my womb. Shriveled and covered in cobwebs, though it may be.

Today, I went out for a pedicure and did a quick shopping trip, hoping to find some play clothes. I ended up with a blouse for work as well as a new dress from WalMart. No play clothes. Tomorrow, I raid the basement for my summer wardrobe.

I can't believe how time flies.

Matt and I are going on a date tonight - movies or ballgame, but either way, fun.

That's the latest from here.

Feathers flying,