Odds and Ends

- I am having a severe case of the "I wants" - though to be fair, some of the wants are pretty darn close to being needs. I keep hoping that when I pull out my box of summer clothes I'll rediscover three or four things I forgot I had, thereby mitigating my need for work clothes. For sure, for sure though, while I want work clothes, I *need* play clothes. Jean season is staggering to an end til September, and my white legs need shorts, or cargo capris, or something festive/not denim. I also want/need to take a class with the Music City Burlesquers... again, that's probably a want, but I need the exercise, says the woman who skipped Zumba tonight. Good times.

- Spent the weekend in the mountains with Matt, the Tribal Elders and all the canines. Good times, actually. We had a workday Saturday, wherein I got to pretend that I don't sit at a desk 40 hours a week, with all the soft pinkness that comes with it. I tended the trash fires, hefted limbs and toted logs. Grrr! And when it was over, I had a nice sunburn and sore limbs as a souvenir. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Sunday, Dad handed me his .410 shotgun and told me it was time I learned to shoot. After six rounds, I finally winged the rim of an old Diet Gingerale can. I'm not, as it turns out, a good shot. But I can definitely load and shoot a small shotgun. It recoiled the first time, nailing me in that soft flesh between breast and armpit. The bruise is adorable. I learned to tuck it properly after that. Clearly, neither man, nor beast, nor soft drink can need fear me, but guess what...it was fun. A lot of fun. I've put a few of the empty shells on my desk so as to say, "Don't Tread On Me." Next up, I'm getting a pair of truck nuts.

- Work is a little tiring these days - I'm back to twice daily training sessions. It wears my throat out. I am glad, especially in these days of pollen hell, that the tonsils are gone, but every now and then, when my throat gets dry, I feel like I have a piece of Brillo Pad caught where my tonsils used to be, and nothing but time and patience can stop it. Come on, really? I know- I was going to stop complaining about them. I know, I know.

- Just a few weekends til Henry's birthday. What to get, what to get? Hmmm. Then Mother's Day, then Laura's birthday. Forget play clothes for me - everyone else needs gifties. I have the dumb luck of Anniversary/Birthday/Christmas all falling in the last 1/3 of the year - that's 2/3 of my year bereft of gifts. Not that I want or need gifts, but I'm just saying. Mom and Laura also have that whole Mother's Day thing going for them. Lola has a lovely mother, but I'd hardly say I deserve pearls for my excellent care of the beasto.

- That said, Lola is well and happy. She had a blast in the mountains, and even engaged the pugs in some chasing. Of course, she found a few old tennis balls, got in the creek and took a few rides on the Rhino. She also woke me up dreaming last night - she was barking and chasing something in her sleep. I hope that she's as happy as I think she is.

- Our robin seems comfortable, and I hope that she'll stay until the eggs are hatched. I would also like to hear the babies chirping. I have to say, I feel like the nest is a good omen.

That's pretty much it. I should go rest my shooting arm and get ready for some more marathon talking sessions in the AM. And PM. Jeez. It would be one thing if what I had to say was different each day, but the 9AM and 1PM shows are exactly the same. Try the veal and don't forget to tip the waitress.