Up Late Update

1. I'm killing a little time watching some old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and man, they are top notch. The new ones are good, but... nothing like old times.

2. I spent the weekend with my parents, sister and nephew (and of course the pugs). A good time was had by all. We ended up going to The Varsity for dinner Saturday and it was OFF THE CHAIN. I love me some chili pimiento cheese burgers... and Henry looked great in his paper Varsity hat.

3. Work is going well - I had my review and it was good. Not perfect, but better than average, for sure. Glad that's over with. All I seem to do is train these days. I really enjoy it, but it wears you out. My co-workers are fun, and that's always good.

4. I need a big pile of money- if you see one lying around, send it my way.

5. To that end, I'd love some new clothes. There is a shirt at Talbots I really want. But then again, I need to pay more on my tonsil fund, pay down my credit card and so on. Oh well.

6. Craving salt. SALT! S-A-L-T.

7. I've got to stop talking about my tonsils - the new guy at work was talking about getting a soft drink when he wanted sugar and then said, "But I know that won't work for you, what with the tonsil thing." Point taken. I won't be talking about it any more.

8. Chattanooga now has a Classic Country station which I found in my travels over the weekend. Love it. Heard some vintage Reba which took me waaaay back.

9. Matt got me flowers this weekend. What's not to love?

And for now, that is all she wrote.