Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Last weekend, I saw for the first time, a show on TLC called "What Not to Wear". It's nothing new, I know this, but now I'm hooked.

Except... the premise of the show is that they ambush a woman, give her $5000 to toss her clothes and start over with their help. And not only does she get the $5000, they take her to New York to spend it.

And that's fine, but in New York, even I could find enough great clothes to use up that budget. You want a show? Come to Nashville and try to find some schmatte for this woman. Come on, I dare you. Also, I'd be afraid of what they'd try to do with my hair.

Anyway. Stacey, Clinton? Call me.

My nephew has been rather chatty of late, and Laura has taught him to call me Allie - which comes out as Aieeee. Love it. More, please.

Went to a party last night, and as we were leaving, we ran into some friends of Matt's - which since neither of us live in that part of town, is kind of fun. Nice folks - he admires my baking from afar.

Today was kind of a lazy Sunday. Did a little Target run, lunched at Sitar. Our regular Indian joint went Tango Uniform and they're opening a Mr. Burrito in its place. BOOOOO!

I have to be in at work early tomorrow, and given that we sprang forward this morning - I admit, Matt sprang, I's going to be painful.

Speaking of painful, I ran over my toes with a loaded shopping cart at Kroger not once, but twice yesterday. Naturally, I had on my ballet flats, so that hurt like hell. Nice work.

I finally got to give a pint at the Red Cross on Saturday. Apparently my children's chewables with extra iron did the trick. Easy and tasty.

I am going to be crock potting a corned beef on St. Patrick's day. It should be interesting. And by that, I mean terrifying.

Thinking of having a party mid-May. Ham on the Weber, deviled eggs, etc. To Matt's point, we need to figure out dealing with mosquitoes.

And if you're reading this, yes, you're invited.

Happy dregs of the weekend!