Guilty Pleasures

- So, recently at work, someone has had the TV in our Break Room on Fox News. Personally, I've had enough. So I change it to Weather Channel every time I walk in there. Fight the power!

- Last weekend, Turner Classic Movies played one of my favorite movies - the 1960 Spring Break classic - Where The Boys Are. I DVRed it, even though I own it on DVD. I had intended just to watch the host's intro, but as it happens, I got sucked in and watched the whole thing while I folded laundry. That freaking movie just gets me every time. The clothes! The romance! The fact that the doctor lights a cigarette in the hospital waiting room! The Fairview Apartments! I love it. I watch it annually.

- I stubbed the everloving hell out of several toes on my left foot tonight. Pain!

- Facebook is making me a little nuts these days. Too much talk of repeals, seceding from the union, hatred, and racism. I'm trying to hold my tongue and keep things light. Yesterday, I pissed off some old classmates by telling them essentially that losing Texas and Louisiana due to secession wouldn't be a loss. I mean it.

- I had a training class today that reminds me why I love my job. Seriously. Good folks. I hope the good juju can hold for my trip to Brunswick. The New Jersey trip went to the other trainer, and to him I say, enjoy. I'll be eating shrimp.

- My best girlfriend announced she's having a boy. I've suggested she name him Sanjay Gupta.

- I am almost caught up on laundry. I may use time this weekend to put Winter clothes away and pull the threads for Summer.

- I need clothes, too. No kidding. I wish they'd tell us if we're getting raises, and I could bankroll a few new tops. The Man is always trying to keep us down.

- The bunnies are back at Phillips Toy Mart. I want to go this weekend if I can get up a posse. Bunnies are best enjoyed en masse.

- I stopped at Las Paletas today. After dinner, I'll try my Pineapple Blackberry popsicle.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm happy here?