News, Gossip and Traffic on the 8s.

1. My Atlanta BFF Connie is pregnant. Due in August. Let the list of baby name suggestions begin. I am nothing if not helpful.

2. Review is written, submitted and waiting for my bossman to do his magic. In an attempt to take it lightly...whatevs.

3. I have a sore on the side of my tongue which catches on my molars whenever I talk. And I talk. A lot. Occupational hazard.

4. The snow is slowly melting, and I am ready to see it go. Matt isn't, and keeps talking about Denver, Portland and points West. I'm holding out for Munich or Paris.

5. I made a great casserole last night with rice, chix, broccoli, cream of broc soup and cheese. Mmm, salty.

6. We're revving up for chocolate season (Valentine's, Easter) and it still tastes weird.

7. I had a massage last night. On the client history form, it asked about any surgeries, and followed up by asking if I felt that I had recovered from them. I wrote "no" and underlined it. But I appreciated them asking. To be honest, I don't think that taste disturbances are going to limit my therapist's ability to deal with knots in my shoulders.

8. Big month for all things Canine. Lola celebrates her 11th Foundling Day on 2/13, and Westminster Kennel Club's dog show airs this moth. Love it!

And now, since I hit the eight, I'm going to go get into some traffic.




Alex said…
Does PS have video for #3?