Hive Got an Idea!

So, I've been spending a little free time letting thoughts blow through the jasmine in my mind, thinking of Spring. I think it's time to have a party. Rites of Spring... something like that.

Of course, first, I'll need to clear some of the snow, confine Lola to a corner of the yard of for her "business" and conjure up a plan. Oh, and take down the Christmas lights (I know, I know).

Then, as soon as we have a little sunshine, it should be time. I'll grill some yardbird, whip up some salads, devil some eggs... and make a cake.

Also, I need bees.


Like these:

Why, you may ask? Never you mind. As much as I love my chenille chicks, and we all know, I cornered the market in them, it's time to pull a new trick out of my top hat.

Note to self: Procure top hat.

I'm getting to that time of year where I hate all my winter clothes, but can't see fit to buy anything new, because Spring is going to be here in a matter of weeks.

That said, work is taking me to Florida in a few weeks, so I may need to get a little something to tweak my style for my OTJ Spring Break. For sure, I need sunglasses.


That's enough buzz for now. Heh, see what I did there? Too clever.



Alex said…
Haha love the energy in this post! Miss you!!