When I lived in Atlanta, having a social life required a lot of work, and so, for the most part, I didn't bother. My twenties were, as a result, not especially eventful. That isn't to say I was devoid of amusing experiences, but I wasn't especially outgoing, and didn't spent much time going out (see what I did there - clever).

Moving to Nashville has made a difference. Well, actually, moving to Nashville and starting my current job three years ago made the difference.

For one, the geography makes friendships easier. I can get anywhere in the city to meet people within thirty minutes, whereas in Atlanta, a crosstown meetup required strategy, a map, a bag lunch and a full tank of gas.

For two, I have put some anxiety behind me and I'm willing to get out there more often.

For three, I have met some of the coolest people in Nashville. At first, my friends here were mostly of the "guy" variety, but now there are finally some women in the mix, and the life I always read about in chick lit books is mine. The girlfriends I had hoped to meet in my sorority house have emerged later, and there's no bitchiness or lipstick misappropriation (long story, but Holly, you know what you did and so do I).

So what can I say - to all the friendly people from Imagination, PureSafety, the YMCA and points beyond...thank you for being my friend.


Alex said…
You're welcome. In the spirit of honesty that you hereby started I do have to say that I'm only your friend b/c I get damn good food our of it from time to time. I hope that's ok.
ae said…
That's good, because I'd hate for it to be for my sparkling personality.