When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind. And you were on my mind.

Thoughts for Tuesday:

- I've been craving meatloaf and so I made one for dinner - ambitious, since I worked until 7PM. I think I undercooked it, and I am now hoping that Matt and I don't end up with food poisoning. It is back in the oven where I will probably desiccate it. I really need to scale down my plans sometimes.

- The bastards at the Cracker Jack factory should be ashamed of themselves. Prizes these days suck. As good as technology is, why can't we put good prizes in Cracker Jacks? Come to think of it, in my lifetime, there have never been good prizes. Pull it together, or I'm converting to Crunch n Munch, Fiddle Faddle and/or Screaming Yellow Zonkers (for whenever I need something sugary and crunchy to get stuck between my teeth). I eat Cracker Jacks maybe twice a year, so how come the prize I got today- a picture of George Washington with a bio - is the same as I got last July? Fuck you, Cracker Jack people!

- Matt has been playing Bioshock - I gave it to him for Christmas. Fun game, but word on the street is that the sequel, coming out next month, isn't as good. Grr. We need another Portal or Braid - or, as my friend Joe asks, where is Bully 2? Good call.

- While I am trying not to obsess on my "tonsil aftermath", I find that checking in from time to time gives me a good written running tab of things. So indulge me for a moment. Chocolate and soft drinks are still a no-go. Diet Lemonade, ditto. Milk, tea, and G2 in non-citrus flavors are OK. Water, cold with ice is still the best bet. Sweets in general have a weird aftertaste. Home cooking tastes great, but fast food is kind of blech. I find that the scar sites occasionally dry out and feel like I have a hair in my throat, and prolonged training classes make me hoarse. I'll also wake up with a dry throat which is really painful. But all in all, I think it was worth it. No more stones, after all. Thanks for letting me put that out there. It helps.

- My company gave us Presidents Day off this year, and I am stoked. I am thinking of maybe getting some of the girls together for a pedicure (in February, I know - decadent) or barring that, hauling my carcass to get a massage. My left shoulder is messed up from sleeping on it funny. Ha. The timing sucks, because it falls on Monday, 2/15. So I could take a long weekend in Atlanta, but for one, we're going to go down there for my parents' anniversary shortly after that, and moreover, it seems inadvisable to skip Valentine's Day with Matt - although, I don't think we have plans, which honestly is fine.

- I went to bed with wet hair last night, and I woke up with it looking huge and fabulous. Love it. Glad it is warm enough to do that right now.

- Not that you care, but I fall firmly on the side of Conan O'Brien in the whole NBC fracas. He's funnier. He also got the hairy shaft from NBC, and as someone who has been beaten down by "the man", I love that he isn't just going to roll over. He is trying to do right by the history of the Tonight Show, and more importantly, his own staff. NBC doesn't want to pay his staff severance, even though Coco dragged them all to LA. I'll follow him wherever he ends up, and to be honest with you, I am done with NBC. OK, I like 30 Rock, but I can pass. SNL? Hasn't been funny in long enough that I can do without it. And the thing is, Matt met Jay Leno, and I don't think he's a bad guy. But you know, Conan and I go way, way back. Also, I really like Andy Richter. Can someone cut that guy a break?

- I bought myself a Queen's Greatest Hits CD, and I have been wearing it out. What's not to love about Fat Bottom Girls? I think that might just be my new theme song. Speaking of - looks like Karaoke may happen this weekend...gotta find something new and fun to showcase.

Good times.

I need to go make the rockin' world go 'round. Laters.



Unknown said…
I would totally be up for a pedi/massage over that holiday weekend.
Alex said…
You and Matt should play Mass Effect. Thomas brought a copy. I'm addicted right now. It's kind of like Fallout 3 but in space. Strong story, and Mass Effect 2 is coming out on Jan 26. That should be a game worth getting. Or maybe Thomas wouldn't mind borrowing you his copy after I'm done with it in 2 weeks.