Thursday Ramble

A few randoms to pad out my posts for January:

- I work with people who say "liberry" and "mute point" on a daily basis. Come on! There's a reason people make fun of those of us who live in Tennessee.

- So it kind of half-ass snowed today. It didn't start snowing til around 11:00AM, but one of my colleagues called out at 6:00 AM. Really? OK, to be fair, his kid's daycare closed, but the same guy was making a big fuss out of contingency plans ever since the forecast predicted snow on Monday. I don't mind that you took off, but please, don't insult me and pretend it wasn't highly premeditated. The odds are on him calling out tomorrow as well. I like a snow day more than most, but really? Really?

- The more I look at my picture I painted, the more I realize I'll be going to an art supply store soon to buy some toys for myself.

- I called my Dad the other day and he asked for a recipe of mine that I fixed for him once. Nothing makes me happier!

- One of Matt's colleagues asked for a recipe of mine the same day. Nice!

- I've been harboring a fantasy about really getting into sleep as a hobby - and wondering what magazine titles are available for sleep enthusiasts. Some ideas:
  • Zzzz Monthly
  • X-Treme Napping
  • Dormir (a French language publication)
  • Noctural Journal
  • Destination Sleeping (for those who like to sleep in exotic locations)

The list goes on, but you get the idea. This has kept me amused for hours and hours.

- Matt and I made plans to have dinner in Atlanta with my parents on their 40th Anniversary - you know me, I love Theme Celebrations, but it's the Ruby Anniversary, and I'll be damned if I take them to Ruby Tuesdays. Although, when I pitched the idea to them, I mentioned beer and wings, and that was met with enthusiasm (who doesn't love hot wings, though?). We'll have to see.

- Because it's so cold out, we've been letting Lola go out in the backyard without us - it's fenced in, but in her early days, Lola was such an escape artist, it was out of the question. She turned eleven earlier this week, and in her advanced age, she still enjoys checking things out, but seems less inclined to try to get away - I suspect the cold weather/warm house combo play a significant role.

- My Southern Living arrived two days ago, which is obscene. Considering I'd already read my parents' copy at their house over Christmas. Oh well, it's not a great issue, so I don't feel gypped, but come January 21st, if I don't have my February copy, hell will be paid.

- I am still losing the battle with my lizardy skin, but I have not yet begun to fight. Tonight, I'm pulling out the Goat's Milk Body Butter - it looks like Crisco, smells a little "old lady", but it works. If Matt has my back, I'll get the rest of me.

Be well, and watch out for black ice. And for that matter, pink ice. Tacky!



Alex said…
Thanks for sharing! Now, what's wrong with saying mute point?
ae said…
Well, because the correct expression is "moot point". Call me picky.