Hazy Shade of Winter

The temperature here in Nashville this week is in the mid-teens at night, and basically doubling in the course of the day – it hasn’t been above freezing in at least three days, and they’re predicting snowfall later this week. Which, for anyone who lives in the South is cause to go completely apeshit and buy lots of groceries at Kroger. I’d love to say I’m immune to the hype, but I bought a few extra cans of soup, some crackers and cheese – some very basic shit to get us through should all of Nashville shut down for a day or two.

There are other pitfalls to weather this cold. My skin, which is dry on a good day, looks like it’s been coated in chalk dust. I have to be vigilant with lotion or risk having Matt tell me that holding my hand feels like he’s holding a lizard. He means well.

Additionally, as I was typing this, my nose started spontaneously bleeding. It happens. Actually, from where I sit, it happens rarely. I remember right before my wedding – like a week before, it happened, and it was a little disconcerting. Visions of a bloodied wedding dress danced through my head. But I digress – some light pressure to the nostril and the bleeding stopped in the time it took me to type this paragraph.

But the cold does put my somewhat compromised sinuses at risk, and that is what it is.

Also, everyone reacts differently, but cold weather makes me want to eat hearty foods and sleep – neither of these are conducive to my healthy lifestyle resolutions of yesterblog.

Last night, I did manage to drag my sorry butt to Zumba, and while I am one of the largest women in there, I can still stumble my way through. And some of the moves, I manage to execute better than my skinny sisters. Not that I do a lot of comparing…ahahahaha.

Tonight, I’m going painting. Natae found a place where you can go for a two hour session and walk away with a pretty painting of poppies. I like the colors and the aesthetic, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Time with friends, art, fun? These are all good things.

Other than that, things are kind of dull and rote – we’re all trying to get back into the routine of working at the office – and based on the reception we’ve received from our customers, they didn’t get any time off, and they’re pissed that we did.

Can’t blame them for that.

So, that said, back to day two of the five day grind…

PS – More on being selfish… soon.


Erika said…
Good for you with the zumba! D & I went to the gym, too. We just did the elliptical thing for 35 minutes & were out of there by 6:40 or so. I wondered if you'd be at zumba. I'm planning on going on Thursday & hope to see you there!