Thursday Verbosity

My mood has improved drastically in the past 48 hours - in that, specifically, I’m feeling feisty.

This may sound like a problem, but I love being feisty. It’s proof that I’m really alive. And it’s not about being mean – it’s about being alert and aware of things that are ridiculous and pointing them out and or secretly rejoicing in them.

I haven’t felt feisty since pre-surgery last month, and it’s good to be back!

I got an e mail from a customer today thanking me for the training session I gave them this week – that feels good. Even with diminished pipes, I can still deliver the goods.

To that end, it feels like my last remaining scar tissue is attempting to shed (or molt, or slough, or exfoliate) and it’s a weird, narsty (which is one step above nasty) feeling, and I’m ready for it to end. As for pain, the left side hurts when I swallow, and sneezing and yawning are still just completely horrendous all the way around. And I mean ridiculously painful.

That said, tonight is Zumba with Lorenza. Not my favorite instructor, but a workout is a workout. After that, we have Project Runway. I’m going to attempt a nap before Zumba so I don’t doze off before Nina Garcia says something snarky about the couture du jour. Nina Garcia is totally feisty. She would probably cringe if she had to critique my fashion sense. Michael Kors, however lovely his clothes may be, can suck it.

Excellent news! My pepper jelly jelled, and I am ready to enter the Tennessee State Fair and with any luck, bring home a ribbon. It’s very pretty, and I am proud of it. I am going to miss the first weekend of the fair, being in Atlanta, and that’s frustrating, but – I’ll be glad to visit with Mom and Dad, and see Laura and Henry, albeit briefly.

If only I had a ton of money to go with all my travel plans. I want to pick up a little something for Henry – something very typically Nashville. Don’t know what that is, but I’ll get there. Is he too young for Goo Goo Clusters? A mandolin? Hmm.

We’re working on plans for the long weekend, and I’m hoping to do a little triage on the closets and chiffarobes. We’re also planning to have friends over at some point. I can’t wait.

At the moment, though – my primary goal is sleep. I had to get to work by 7 AM today, and even with an early bedtime, I still feel a day late and a dollar short as far as sleep is concerned.

So that’s the ramblings from this end…