This may surprise you...

So, I watched President Obama's address last night, and if you did too, then we both heard someone yell out "YOU LIE!!" when Obama indicated that illegal immigrants would not be covered in his plan.

The old yeller turned out to be Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina. He immediately issued an apology, and the members of his party were quick to distance themselves from his behavior.

And you know what, I think we can let it go. The guy knows he screwed up, he apologized and the damage is done. Do we really need to run it into the ground?

Here's what I think. I would much rather have listened to his quick, impassioned outburst than watched his colleagues play with their Blackberries, hold up sheafs of paper and roll their eyes. Give me aggressive over passive aggressive any day.

The guy let his emotions get the better of him. I hate that for him. Who hasn't blurted out something at an inappropriate time or in the wrong place? It happens. And while part of me would love to engage in the schadenfreude and beat the guy down, I actually appreciate that while his timing was shitty, and while I don't agree with the guy - hell, at least he believes in something strongly enough to have an opinion on it.

So I'm going to let it go, and hope that if (or let's be honest, WHEN) I commit a verbal faux pas, people won't hold an interminable grudge.

That's my plan.

Weird, huh?

Rather than spin my wheels on Joe Wilson, I wrote my congressman and Senators urging them to back President Obama's plan. Which is really spinning my wheels as far as Corker and Alexander are involved. Sheesh!