Random Thoughts for a Tuesday:

Confidential to: People in my Zumba Class – it’s not that serious. I promise. I know you think maybe the people who are casting for Fame are lurking in the room, but really – it’s just a bunch of sweaty ladies just like you – and those of us who can’t jiggle our butts in triple time like you aren’t so much jealous as we are laughing on the inside about how needlessly serious you are. Lighten up. It’s Zumba!

The only birds I see around our new office building are crows and buzzards. Circling. I don’t know what this means, but it is a little weird. I also kind of like it because it’s proof that maybe the airport area was a little creepy, but the scariest bird I ever saw there was a starling. And I love starlings. They’re so freckly and industrious and friendly.

My impaired sense of taste has a name – it’s called dysgeusia. It is probably temporary, and eventually, I’ll get to where cookies taste like something again. Although, given what the scale told me this morning, perhaps this dysgeusia can hang for a bit. Also, yawning doesn’t hurt anymore. Sneezing…still weird.

I need to buy my nephew a present - I wonder if Katy K’s would have anything that his parents might actually let him wear.

I also need a big pile of money – if you see one, let me know. I’ll cut you a share.

Avanti Press makes the best greeting cards ever – if you like animals in kooky outfits and silly backgrounds. If you do: http://www.avantipress.com. If not, well, whatever, man.


Unknown said…
I've noticed the buzzards too! It always creeps me out when they circle