Let me cut to the chase...

Ok, here's the deal. President Obama wants to go on TV and tell our young people to study, stay in school and dream big.

And people are losing their fucking minds over this.

I had to listen to a lot of shit in my school days, and my parents never pulled me out because it wasn't exactly what they believed.

Instead, I learned the valuable skills of politely disagreeing, asking thoughtful questions, and occasionally, keeping my mouth shut and not changing my point of view. All have been helpful in functioning as an adult in the real world, where not everyone believes exactly what I do.

If you think letting your kid hear Obama speak is going to screw her for life, it doesn't speak well for the job you're doing as a parent. Yeah, I'm talking to you, asshole.

And if you pull your kid out of class that day, great - your kid is going to be one day stupider than the rest of his class - I hope they teach fractions, cursive and give the menstruation talk that day and your kid misses all of it. All because you are a mouth-breathing fucktard.

Now, sit down, shut the fuck up and move on.


Unknown said…
I couldn't find the words and you found them for me. Sweet poetry.