Things we know and hope to know...

As a stoned Rasta named Barney Rebble once said to me, "Let me be truthful with you..."

He then admitted to smoking pot. An admission that was so physically and olfactorily evident, it hardly needed to be said.

So let me be truthful with you. I'm having some anxiety. This time tomorrow, I'll be home, fine, safe and drugged.

Everything that happens between now and then is still up for grabs.

My hands are freezing, I could barf in my trash can at the office right now, and I can't breathe too well.

But I am wrapping up my work at the office and that's a good thing. Mom, Dad and the pugs are in transit, and that too is good.

I have a sweet husband, caring friends and family - life is good.

And another thing. Let me be truthful with you, Barney Rebble was just his stage name. His real name was Mark.


Erika said…
I'll be sending good vibes your way tomorrow! Try not to worry - this is so routine. Let me know when you're ready for some fancy popsicles...