And take it back around...

Not much to update you on here.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Friday. Let’s put it this way, don’t Google anything you don’t really want vivid detailed descriptions of. I asked my mother what the likelihood of the anesthesia causing me to act like a jackass was – she told me to tell the anesthesiologist that I was anxious and to give me some of his “Magic Medicine”. I don’t know if she was just pulling my leg, but she said I was less likely to freak out now than if I was 15. Not reassuring, per se, but it’s all I have.

I will say I am still very, very excited about seeing the pugs and about having Mom and Dad in town. I hope they’ll get to do some fun things with Matt while I am doped to the gills at the house. I want them to take the pugs to the dog park, hit Academy Sporting Goods and generally enjoy themselves. They can slide a popsicle under my tongue before they leave. I’ll be fine.

Work is plugging along nicely this week. I am getting plenty done, and I am even packing for our move in spare moments. I have a lot of training and talking to do this week, which I hope means that I am getting it all out of my system for a bit.

Zumbaed last night - met Erika there and found that Lorenza was subbing for Jessica. I also found that Lorenza started class 5 minutes early, and since I was hustling to get from office to Y in under 30 minutes, I was not pleased. I grumbled a lot. I feel bad about that – I need to be more flexible. But how flexible can I be when I miss the class warm-up? Seriously. OK, OK. Here is my promise. Once I get back into the exercise thing, I promise I won’t let the latecomers who stand right in front of me, or teachers not starting or ending as scheduled, or people who talk during routines , and get in my space, etc. – I won’t let these people get my goat. I’ll be serene and cheerful and yes…flexible.

Onward. Upward.

PS - The jelly is maybe a little thicker than 24 hours ago, but is by no means jelly. I think I'll be doing a little post-tonsillectomy jellymaking after all. Unless something happens today while I'm at work. Those fingers? Keep 'em crossed!


Unknown said…
for some reason the title is crackin me up but i've been a bit punchy today.