You can tell a Sigma by her smile, pep and something something...

I’ve managed to de-funk a little, and not a moment too soon!

Matt and I had dinner with Alex last night at Jason’s Deli – one of our favorite reasonably healthy places to grab a bite- I had some poblano corn chowder that was really top notch.

I haven’t been sleeping well this week – strange dreams, generally having a hard time falling asleep and whatnot. I am hoping to have a reasonably restful weekend.

I may try a first batch of jelly this weekend – the habaneros aren’t ready, but I’ve got more jalapenos than I could conceivably use. Plus, the Holy Mole peppers are exceeding my modest expectations. They’re really a pretty color, too. And, red bell peppers, which are the base of my jelly, are on sale at the Kroger, so…

Matt’s birthday is coming up. He wants to take a bike ride to Shelby Park and have a picnic. I don’t ride well at all, or for long, and the prospect of getting on busy roads where there are, you know, CARS and shit that could kill me…well, I’m wondering what ELSE he might like for his birthday. I make great cakes, you know. Rum cake, hummingbird cake…you name it. Or I could meet him at the park with the breakfast. There is always a workaround. I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to torture myself in the name of his birthday.

Speaking of celebrating, I have a great plan for my anniversary gift to Matt. I'm kind of proud at how clever it is. More on that soon.

If you're interested, you can visit my companion blog, all about the tonsillectomy here. It's completely narcissistic and self-indulgent, which is so totally like me.

Matt's out on a ride, when he gets home, we're going to break into the blueberry cobbler that Erika brought us. I wish I could cook more often, and for that matter, far better than I do.

Who doesn't love cobbler?




rachael said…
I am positively GREEN with envy! Erika brought you cobbler?!?! NO FAIR!! (temper tantrum ensues)