So, although...

The aforementioned neck pain seems to be dwindling, but I have spent no small amount of time coddling it with stretching, Tylenol, heating pad, and most effective of all, cajoling Matt to work out some knots. He's damn good.

The new issue is a few canker sores. I've been hitting them often with a topical benzocaine and that's super fun. I swear sometimes I feel like a leper.

I couldn't tell you why I'm seeming to fall apart in small ways, but whatever - stress? Maybe. Poor diet? Not so poor, but we all need more leafy greens. No sleep? Ok, that's valid - I haven't been getting nearly enough shuteye for most of this month.

I decided that in light of my issues and since I didn't manage to grab a Lean Cuisine from the house, I'd take a decent lunch today, so I stopped at one of those generic chain fast casual places where chicken fingers and large salads are de rigeur for lunch. I ended up getting a salad and some rolls. All for under $10. And tasty.

But here's the detractor:

My server, who we'll call Greg (that being his name), had just come in from a smoke break - or, he'd just taken a nap in an ashtray - but either way, it was pungent. Part two, he sat down in the booth across from me to take my order. There's a way to pull it off and make it seem folksy or friendly, but he didn't manage that skill, so it came off as just plain creepy - I took lunch late, and so there weren't a lot of people around, so it's not like he was trying to be out of the way, he was just being way, way too "friendly". It felt passive-aggressively predatory, and it made me uncomfortable. He also called me "sweetie". No thanks.

The food was good, the experience was unpleasant. I won't go back to that specific O'Charley's (whoops, the secret is out) ever again. Which, since we're moving south of town in less than a month is unlikely anyway. Too bad, I love their rolls.

Maybe that makes me an asshole or an elitist - but there is something about dining alone that makes me put up my guard against weirdness.

Other than that, not much new to report. Matt has informed me that his intention was never to kill me in traffic on my bike for his birthday, and that instead, he wants to take the bikes to the park and ride there. Well that's different!

I still haven't gotten him a birthday present. Pitiful. Just pitiful. Any suggestions? What can I get for the man who has everything? I mean, other than lunch at O'Charley's? Duh.