So, I got a bill from Vanderbilt last week for $109, and I thought, "that's not so bad" and I paid it.

I got another bill from Vanderbilt today. $570 dollars. And I nearly passed out on the porch.

Seriously, we need healthcare reform, because even those of us with decent health insurance can't afford to be sick.

I am going to have to call BCBS and Vanderbilt Billing to see if this is a clerical error.

However, looking at the itemized bill they sent me in June, here are a few of the alarming charges:

$29 to check my urine (for what?)
$41 to use the same urine as above for a pregnancy test
$36 for a single dose of Augmentin (my entire 10 day run cost me $10 for 30 pills)

The real big ticket items are the dye contrast injection - $130, and the CT Scan - $1997.

After plowing through the literature, it looks like I might actually owe the money.

Which means that I am going to be in debt because of my tonsils for a long, long time.

Moral of the story? Don't go to the ER.

Even when your PCP tells you that your tonsils are abscessed. Ride it out.

Words to live by.