Modern Day Land Pirates

So, Matt's friend Chris is in town. Chris had some time off, his son David is with Chris' parents, so Chris decided to take a like R&R in Music City.

We headed out yesterday to pursue Chris' hobby, Geocaching.

For those of you, like me, not in the know - the simple explanation is this - you set your GPS, you go to the Geocaching website and pull up some clues based on your zipcode, then you track these clues using the GPS - once there, you look for a container, the "cache" which contains anything from a smallbook, all the way up to the logbook plus some trinkets. The containers ranged in size yesterday from a magnetic keyholder, all the way up to a sandwich sized tupperware container. We found seven of the eight we set out to find. It was pretty neat, and I would never have known they were there.

There's one today we're going to go find - the title of it is "Good Dog 5" - some enterprising soul has placed them in all the local hot dog stands in town. I think that's some cleverness and I like it.

So we went plundering yesterday. Chris dropped off a Tiki God which is a "travel bug" - meaning whomever finds it should move it along to another spot, and they can track the progress online. He showed us a travel bug that had been from the US, all over Europe and back.

It's a fun hobby, but lacking a GPS and the skills to use a GPS, I'll have to pass.

Still, knowing that there are all these little semi-buried treasures out there is kind of amazing, isn't it?