Feeling the Crunch

I woke up yesterday with a pain in my neck - it felt like I had pulled a muscle - yeah, nothing says "out-of-shape" like injuring yourself while doing absolutely nothing.

I basically sucked it up and got through the day - Matt worked on it for me and that helped. I put an ice pack on it last night and that felt good. I assumed it would work itself out while I slept and we'd be done.

When I woke up this morning, it turned out that my assumption was incorrect. Go figure. The pulled muscle is now more of a crick, requiring me to hold my head in a position that makes me look like a robin, listening for worms and grubs. Perhaps it also makes me look thoughtful, as though I am considering all angles to a situation before replying. I'll just keep furrowing my brow and nodding at intervals to look erudite rather than afflicted.

I have taken two Excedrin and an Aleve to see if we can mitigate some of the irritation and return to normal. I'm also stretching occasionally to see if there's any position more comfortable than another. There isn't.

On the upside, I know it's temporary, as these things so often are. I once had a crick on Spring Break in Mexico (a tequila-related injury) that kept me in a weird position for three days before releasing me from its Kung-Fu grip.

In non-neck news, Friday night, we had dinner with Anna, her husband, their daughters, Erika, and her husband. Mexican at Las Maracas, followed by dessert at my new favorite Fro-Yo establishment - a little corner of heaven called Sweet CeCe's. A good time was had by all.

Last night, we had a nice dinner at the house with Seb and Alex - I made a chicken chili that, not to brag, but seriously, it was off the chain. The Ghirardelli brownies, it should go without saying, were sublime. Simple, effective. That's my entertaining style.

I did a lot of reading this weekend. I picked up five books from the library and I have already plowed through three of them - although they were all shortish - 320, 224 and 240 pages. They were all good, light fiction - nothing too challenging. Maybe I'll deliver a book report soon. I started on a 4th book - one I picked up from McKay's (used bookstore ne plus ultra). Eight Cousins - by Louisa May Alcott. So far, very sweet - and different enough from the Little Women/Little Men stuff to feel fresh.

Maybe I hurt my neck being a bookworm. I don't know. Doesn't matter, really.

Onward and upward.