Dance Ten, Looks Three

I'm getting my tonsils and adenoids out. The "when" remains to be seen - I'm thinking end of August, start of September.

But it's official - I'll be getting what the handout Dr. Mullins gave me calls a T&A.

And apparently, feeling like crap for a week or two.

But it's worth it. He told me that the CT scan actually did show an abscess, but it was small and they opted not to aspirate. He also told me that once you experience this, you're very likely to keep experiencing it. So let's get it on! Medically speaking of course.

See how easy that was?


PS - First person who can explain the relevance of the title of this post to the contents contained therein gets a free popsicle from Las Paletas (of course, they'll have to bring me one as well while I'm incapacitated and I'll pay for both, plus gas money).


Erika said…
I don't understand the relevance of your title, but I'll bring you a popscicle anyway.
ae said…
Ok, you fly, I'll by - the title of the post is the title of a song from A Chorus Line - the lyrics tell the story of a woman who found out by stealing her audition card that she got a 10 in dance, a 3 on looks - so she got some T&A - tits and ass (cosmetic surgery). T&A also short for tonsils and adenoids.

It was very, very tangential.