And you are?

Thought for the day, a paraphrase - courtesy David Spade:

"Threatening me with eternal damnation isn’t going to get your problem fixed any faster… "

I don’t know – I’m feeling a little harassed today.

We have a houseguest this weekend – Matt’s BFF Chris – whom we haven’t seen since Christmas. I always enjoy entertaining as it’s an incentive to have a clean house. I didn’t sleep well, in fact, I’m a little sore and I fell asleep in a weird position, so I feel out of it – plus, we’re reaching that time of day where my body shuts down as though it were federally mandated. It’s my own fault for learning the joy of naps in college – but to be fair, the circadian rhythms of the human body are very real.

My surgery date is set for next month. I am thinking of creating a second blog just to chronicle the event. But I’ve been so lax on this blog, maybe that’s just heresy.

Although, I could see if is taken…