Trivia and Kvetching

Look, I’d love to have something profound or funny or interesting for you today, but I’ve got nothing. I’m itchy, it’s hot, I need to lose some weight, I don’t feel like doing anything after work, I need a hair cut, but I’m broke.

My colleagues at work are acting weird, and I am starting to think full moon. Except that yesterday was the new moon. Never mind.

We’re ending a quarter – we’re not going to make bonuses, but we still have to bust our asses til the end of the quarter. Boo!

I hate everything in my closet, I don’t want to do laundry, and yet if I don’t, I’ll be coming to work naked tomorrow.

I am so tired, I keep having to attempt not to fall asleep at my desk. And my new glasses make everything seem a little weird.

And I’m ready for vacation, but I don’t have a free day between now and then for anything. My schedule at work is packed, thanks to our Project Manager.

My boss’ boss introduced me to one of the people in from our Colorado office as a “Trainer and Our Little School Teacher Here in Nashville”. What does that mean? Moreover, though only tangentially related – why is the SVP of Sales being so friendly to me?

And why am I so paranoid and self-centered to think that either of those incidents means anything?

Why are my heels so scaly, and where can I buy some of that stuff that removes calluses that they used at my last pedicure?

Why are so many pedicure places run by Asians, and so many diners by Greeks?

Did you know that Great Danes are called Great Germans in Danish? And that in Denmark, what they call Danish pastries translates into “Vienna Bread”?

And seriously, that’s all I have for you.

I’m going to plug into the rest of the day and hope for a nap before dinner tonight. Except…I’m cooking dinner. Sigh.

Would it kill my Journey-Loving colleague to shut down his ringtone for the day?

Speaking of – I left my phone in Atlanta. That was dumb. And my watch. Grr.

Ok. Enough.



Unknown said…
Love the post - let's talk tomorrow.
rachael said…
So I've read a number of your posts to get myself up to speed - you are too funny!!