Table For One

Matt’s schedule and mine are not going to synch up for the next few days, so dinner tonight is a solo flight.

Given that I was single for a lot longer than I’ve been married, I certainly don’t mind eating alone. I do mind cooking for one, but that's a entirely different situation altogether.

Often, if I don’t have to cook for two, I’ll revert to single-girl eating – a box of preternaturally orange mac n cheese, maybe a quick PB and J eaten by the romantic light of the television. Except that Lola has become even beggier in her old age, and I can’t eat in peace. If Matt’s there, she’ll keep her yap shut, but when it’s just the two of us, Lola knows that Passive Mommy is in the house! Special thanks to Susie for coining that nickname for me.

Back in the ATL, if I didn’t feel like cooking and/or, eating dinner at my ironing board while Jeopardy played, then I had options. I could go mooch off Mom and Dad – I did that a lot. Sometimes, though, I’d just grab dinner at one of the many single-friendly places near my apartment. Now, most restaurants are explicitly built for two or more, but there are places out there that make you feel less like a complete reject if you grab a table for one, and anyone who ever dines alone knows what I mean.

I used to grab dinner from the Hot Bar at Whole Foods quite a bit. Expensive, yes, but casual, and healthy (unless I was on a carbohydrates bender, which was more often than I should admit). Plus, the people watching was good. And I could always buy a magazine to go with my starches.

Jason’s Deli was another one I’d hit up quite a bit. Again, casual, healthy – and quick service – so you don’t look so lame waiting for your meal. Plus – free ice cream!

The place I miss the most is Sweet Tomatoes. For those of you uninitiated, it’s a buffet of soup and salad – they also have bread, pasta, baked potatoes, and soft serve fro-yo at the end. Plus, small chocolate chip cookies that have been laced with crack – they’re addictive. I really, really miss Sweet Tomatoes. I usually got the exact same salads and soups every time, but oh, I miss them! And I haven’t been since before I got married. We never have time to go when I’m at my parents’, and even if we did, I am apparently the only member of my family that is in love with it. I think soup is the perfect food, Their chicken noodle was especially good. Of course, it was all good. Have I mentioned I miss Sweet Tomatoes?

Tonight, since I don’t get off until late, my options are limited. I may hit up our local Greek joint – notable for its 24-Hour service Wednesday- Sunday (they close after lunch on Sunday). It’s pricy, but the food is quite good, and at the moment, comfort food is top of mind. And my other go-to – Sylvan Park – a dumpy little meat & three where they call you darlin’ and hon – closes at 8.


Whither a good place to grab a bite when I need it?

Basically, because of the Augmentin, I’m dealing with a little acid indigestion, and I’m craving bland and starchy. I don’t want fast food, either.

It kind of sounds like the orange mac n cheese might be the thing, but part of me wants someone else to cook it, bring it to me and clear the dishes when I’m done.

I guess there’s Waffle House, with swivel chairs at the counter beckoning for the lonely diner, but the closest Waffle House to work is in a rough neighborhood – not that I scare easily, but why do dumb things just to get a plate of cheesy eggs?

What I am trying to say here is that I’m hungry, I don’t feel like cooking, and I need a place to grab dinner where I don’t have to wait long, which, when you’re dining alone is aaaaawkwaaaaard.