Signs of Life

I have gray hair. More than I did a year ago. I used to be afraid, but now I embrace it. If you've ever met or seen pictures of my parents, you know why - they are silver foxes!

At the moment, I have bruises. Not a big deal, really, and they'll go away. I've had some really icky ones over the years, but they're not permanent.

I have wrinkles. Not as many as I could, but enough to prove I've laughed and frowned and scowled and pondered.

I have scars. The one on my leg from last year's waterfall incident is particularly nasty, but what can you do? Probably should have had stitches, but good old hindsight being what it is, I have a gnarly scar on my leg, and others from various slips, trips and falls, cuts and scrapes.

But hell, at least I've lived an interesting enough life to have all of these things.