More things to think about...

Whew - what a whirlwind this past week has been.

So, a few items of catch-up.

1. Now Under New Management! So as it turns out, I don't think I'm crazy after all. Remember the other day when I was pondering the significance of the SVP of Sales being nice to me? As it turned out, two days later, they announced a org change at work that made him my boss' new boss. I am excited, and can't wait to see how that plays out.

2. More armadillos (all post mortem): Since my sighting last week, I've seen several more. Is this a recent development, or am I just now noticing them?

3. Coming soon to a jar near you... Peppers. The jalapenos are starting to bear fruit in a big way. There are marble sized tomatoes on the big plant, and the little plant has doubled in size. Looks like we have a garden! I had to water the glories early this morning - they look desiccated, but by the time I leave for work today, I suspect they'll be back in full flower.

4. End of the Quarter as We Know It....and I feel fine. We've got two days of urgency, then...a holiday weekend. As I've recently pointed out - Providence isn't just the capital of Rhode Island.

5. Michael Phelps needs to watch his back. Lola went canoeing with us this weekend on our annual trip. A great time with great people, and Lola decided she was going to show everyone what she was made of. I am so proud of my girl - she's the greatest.

6. Old friends...I am going to have to say adios to two pairs of shoes, both a decade old. My brown Birkenstock sandals and the black Birkenstock slides are both officially done. I could have sent them off four years ago for some TLC and maybe I'd still have them, but I was loathe to part with them, so instead, I wore them down to a nub. Now seeking replacements that will function until I can afford to replace at least the brown ones. Flip flops need not apply. Also, I somehow screwed up a toe this weekend, and that's going to make wearing "real shoes" to work today a treat. Hobble along.

7. Tonsils 2, Allie 0. My left tonsil is still enlarged, and is working out a few last issues that the antibiotics didn't "cure". I see the ENT on the 7th, and I hope my old girls put on quite a show for him. I want the -ectomy. I know - terrible recovery time, but seriously, I am done with them.

That's all. Enjoy your day!