Monday Night Zumba Fiasco - Film at 11!

So the plan was to meet Erika at the Y last night where we’d give the Monday night Zumba one last chance… only, when I arrived, there was a big notice on the desk that due to circumstances beyond the Y’s control, Monday Night Zumba has been cancelled. Permanently.
I got upstairs to find Erika waiting, and we opted to take a walk, and that worked out nicely, too.
But damn, I feel bad. Plus, I had some work angst that hopping and salsaing and punching the air would have mitigated. So, now what?

Well, Thursdays with Lorenza, for sure. Beyond that, we’ll have to work something out. Hahaha – see what I did there? Work? Out? Purely unintentional.

Had a great impromptu conversation with my Atlanta homeslice, Connie. She’s actually in Ann Arbor doing Customer Service Training with a company called Zingerman’s – known primarily for their gourmet food gift boxes… like this Bereavement Gift Box:

In lieu of flowers, send the family some kickass carbohydrates.

Of course, foodie that I am, as soon as Connie said Zingerman’s, I knew she was talking about the coffeecake people. I don’t miss much. Turns out, they are so renowned for their customer service that they now offer onsite training (and feed you quite well throughout). I need to convince my boss that they need to send me there. The 2 day seminar is *only* $945, and they’ll even knock off $100 if you book in advance. Of course, to hear Connie tell it – she was the only Marching Band member in a room full of Cheerleaders. What would I do without Connie?

Had another crazy dream last night where there was someone standing outside my window late at night with a camera. Woke myself up trying to scream, “Get the fuck out of here!” The best I could muster was a faint “gaaah” before I woke up. In a sweat. No wonder I find myself exhausted most mornings! By the way, I checked- there wasn’t really anyone outside the window – aren’t you relieved?

I am getting used to my glasses, and apparently, others are, too. I like them, but occasionally, I just have to pull them off and take a breather. I notice the biggest difference in distance vision.

Beyond that, I’ve got nothing.