Living the Good Life - Part Two

More things I love that serve little practical purpose but exist for our enjoyment:

-neon signs
-birthday cakes
-comic strips
-those round chairs that look like satellite dishes (Papasan chairs is what Pier I calls them)
-napkin rings
-bath fizzies (aka Bath Bombs)
-fashion dog collars
-coin operated trinket/gumball machines at the front of grocery stores
-Harlequin romance novels
-soap operas
-men’s fragrance (I love the smell of nearly every cologne and despise most perfumes –go figure)
-Christmas lights
-flavored lip balms
-warm paper that just came off the printer or copier
-Cadbury Fruit/Nut bars (especially those made outside the US)
-vanity license plates
-colored paperclips
-toe socks
-fun-sized candy bars
-high thread count sheets
-stuffed animals
-the massage chairs at the nail place
-lighted foot basins at the nail place
-nail places
-goofy straws
-maraschino cherries

Now go out and be a hedonist - enjoy at least one of the above today!