I'd like to buy a vowel. Can I have an E, please?

So, on something like a whim, but more of a calculated impulse, I've decided to get my eyes examined. We all know I really ought to have my head examined, but BCBS of Tennessee doesn't cover that, wouldn't you just know it?

Anyway, it's been over a decade since I've had an eye exam, and given that, along with family history, it's time to update my records. Tonight, at the Lenscrafters of Green Hills, we're going to get down to brass tacks and see if I'm just being picky, or if there is something they can do to boost my peepers a little.

Having worked at an Ophthalmic Facility, I learned a great many things. Like how to spell ophthalmic. And a few eye exam related things. Though, get real - I'll never be a clinical technician - too much precision - I prefer my shades of gray, thank you kindly. That said, I know they'll test me with a Snellen Chart (you know - the big E followed by a string of letters that are neither big nor necessarily E).

I know they'll test me for glaucoma and to see if my eyes will track. Will they dilate? I just don't know! So many mysteries of life, so little time.

Part of me really wants glasses - if for no other reason than to prevent eye strain. But also because I always really wanted to wear glasses. I have often thought it's so very academic looking. My husband would tell you it's a pain in the ass.

Either way, at least I'll have some peace of mind. My eyes aren't quite right - and if it's just an age thing, fine. If it's more than that, then at least I know.

Wish me luck - details to follow.


Erika said…
Good luck! Let me know how it goes. I love me some glasses shopping, so if you need any help...you know where to find me.