I can't say I wasn't warned...

Back last week when I ended up at Vanderbilt, Dr. Koons told me that the Augmentin could cause some intestinal upset - although he put it more bluntly. Give the man a gold star. Oh well - this too shall pass. Ahahahaha. Oh, sheesh, too funny.

Bought two dresses in the same style, different colors from WalMart tonight. In the clear light of my home, I'm thinking they both may go back.

What I really want is one of those cute long sundresses that are so hot this year, but it was pointed out to me by Erika, who is also on the short side, I may want to grow a foot first. Good call. Also, have you seen my arms lately? No? Damn right - there's a reason for that. The legs aren't great, but the arms - it's like two albino hams escaped and are roaming free.

At the moment, I'm in the attic, sweating, waiting for Matt to get home - he was shooting in Arkansas today. Shooting footage, that is. Not Arkansans. That I know of.

I have dinner waiting for him. Pizza. Somehow, right after I ordered it, I started regretting it - and when the delivery girl got lost twice, it should have been an omen. But since I need to eat before I pill up again - well, thankfully, there's pizza.

I was listening to a country station tonight because Jack FM and 97.1 were both irritating - I hear this song with the best lyrics:

"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy."

That is a very true philsophy, don't you think?

OK, well, I gotta go take my...gag...Augmentin. It's augmentin' my desire to ever take antibiotics again, that's for shizzle.