Wednesday Listmaking

An abbreviated list of things that serve no real practical purpose, and we could completely survive without them, but were simply created for our enjoyment, and all of which I love:

- Jigsaw Puzzles
- Roller Coasters
- Fireworks
- Doughnuts
- Video Games
- Scrabble
- Coke Zero
- Singing Telegrams
- Nail Polish
- Dizzy Bat Races
- Game Shows
- Haunted Houses
- Bubbles
- Draft Beer
- Kazoos
- Squirt Guns
- Disco Balls
- Fancy Ringtones
- Scratch n Sniff Stickers

To Be Continued…

And feel free to share your own!


Unknown said…
kazoos- love it!
Alex said…
BULL**** - you can't survive without video games!! I know I can't..

My list:


Yes, deer - all they do is jump in front of cars and kill people/damage property. We should do away with them.